Grading Terms and Conditions


1 Payment

1.1 If the client does not make payment after the 7 days then a 10% compound charge will be added every 7 days until the total payment is made. If the payment has not been made within 30 days, then the cards/items will be sold at auction starting at $0.99 reclaim any fees and charges outstanding. Any additional funds will be held until contact has been made after all deductions are for listing services.

1.2 PSA reserves the right to levy additional fees to customers based on the declared value of the of the additional value if the cards exceed their tier. In the event that additional fees are levied, submitters to KD Collectibles are responsible for paying all additional fees assessed for their own cards.

1.3 Notice of additional fees will be presented by KD Collectibles to the submitter as soon as KD Collectibles is made aware of them. These will be added to the invoice at the time of return.

1.4 Failure to make contact after a period of (6) months is a forfeiture of the remaining money after the sale of the items.

2 Loss of Package/insurance

2.1 We are not responsible for items in transit from the client to us. This responsibility falls on the client only. We are not responsible for items lost in transit from us to the client.

2.2 In the event of loss in transit, all clients may be asked to provide proof of receipt to show the insurer what is owed.

2.3 The current market value is determined by the average of the last 3 cards sold on eBay. Should there not be 3 recent sales then an independent valuation by an official third party dealer/trader who is recognized as an expert in the marketplace for this type of product will value said product(s). If no valuation is available, the submitter is insured for the purchase price with proof of receipt. 

3 Communication Expectations

3.1 All pertinent information from KD Collectibles to the submitter will be provided via email.

3.2 Communication with KD Collectibles from the submitter should occur through Facebook on the business account “KD Collectibles” and if they do not receive a response they should contact us through our Shopify chat offering through the website

3.3 KD Collectibles will make every effort to respond in a timely manner and provide a confirmation of receipt of cards and a tracking email to follow your order through the steps. At times this might not be provided due to sudden influx of cards.